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This document contains information for an outdated version (2.3) and may not be maintained any more.

If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

Installation from Source Control #

For getting a project up and running with a release, you are typically best off with the official If you want to get the get the "latest and greatest" pre-release code (either on a release brank, or on "trunk"), you need to use our version control.

We also require you to use this method for any patch contributions, to ensure you're working on the latest codebase, and the problem you're looking at is not already fixed.

SilverStripe Core ##

SilverStripe core is currently hosted on Subversion at You can get subversion clients for any operating system, see the subversion website.

SilverStripe projects are created by combining the "cms" and "sapphire" modules along with any other modules that your site might need.

These modules are prepackaged in a "phpinstaller" project through svn:externals.

To check out the installer project, use one of the following commands:

# Check out the latest release branch
svn checkout
# Check out trunk
svn checkout
Please note that you will need Subversion 1.5.0 or greater

Other Modules ##

Modules listed on can be hosted in any version control system (typically subversion or git). Please read the module page for source code locations and installation instructions. The general process of module installation is documented as well.

A good place to start looking for the source code of popular modules are the and project pages.


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