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This document contains information for an outdated version (2.3) and may not be maintained any more.

If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

  • BUGFIX: Don't allow calling of magically added methods via URL unless explicitly listed in allowed_actions (changeset 64988)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed HTTP/1.0 support (changeset 64722)
  • Fix typo (changeset 64643)
  • Fix accept button in CommentAdmin not working (changeset 64640)
  • Fix CMS export (changeset 64639)
  • MINOR: PHP notice fixes (changeset 64638)
  • MINOR: fix php notice (changeset 64637)
  • Allow default value to be set on CountryDropdownField (changeset 64636)
  • Add ability to disable 'None' option and to choose the title field in TypeDropdown (changeset 64635)
  • BUGFIX: Allow disabling of updateCMSFields() on SiteTree so subclasses that want decorators to have access to (changeset 64634)
  • their added fields can call it themselves. (changeset 64634)
  • MINOR: Fix PHP notices (changeset 64625)
  • Show '(Choose)' text on TreeDropdownField when a non-existent object is selected, as can happen when related data is removed (changeset 64355)
  • When calling Folder::findOrMake(), set the Title as well as the Name of new folders (changeset 64354)
  • Allow updating of File detail CMS fields by defining updateCMSFields in a decorator (changeset 64353)
  • Add macron about native name of maori (changeset 64130)
  • Added ->itemWriteMethod parameter, to adjust the way that CTFs write (for instance, to save and publish instead of just save) (changeset 64128)
  • BUGFIX: Form::sessionMessage() didn't set type (changeset 63966)
  • Fixed sorting in TableListField and subclasses (changeset 63524)
  • Removed hard-coded limits in ConfirmedPasswordField. This should be configured in a member password validator (changeset 63405)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed tree.js to work with TreeMultiselectField (changeset 63343)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Use get variable rather than session for Security::permissionFailure()'s BackURL, as it's more reliable (changeset 63030)
  • BUGFIX Set ID of lostpassword page to -1 so we don't get top level pages (changeset 62107)
  • as its children (changeset 62107)
  • BUGFIX Revert r61631 for Translatable but kept SiteTree changes instact from that revision since they are still useful (changeset 61815)
  • API CHANGE: Decorators on SiteTree can now define updateCMSActions (changeset 61625)
  • API CHANGE: Decorators on SiteTree can now define updateCMSActions (changeset 61624)
  • BUGFIX: Don't show publish button when editing translatable page, as it is broken (changeset 61624)
  • BUGFIX: search is now html valid! (changeset 60980)
  • merged from trunk (changeset 60651)
  • BUGFIX: Fix typedropdown not working when there are no records of that (changeset 60240)
  • dataobject. (changeset 60240)
  • commented out line 121 that put line breaks (changeset 60194)
  • add missing semicolon (changeset 60026)
  • Fix null title value on tiny mce inserted images (changeset 60025)
  • Overwriting Date.php to output US Date format (changeset 59710)


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