This topic covers setting up your Mac as a Web Server and installing SilverStripe.

While OSX Comes bundled with PHP and Apache (Thanks Apple!) Its not quite ideal for SilverStripe so for setting up a webserver on OSX we suggest using MAMP or using MacPorts to manage your packages.

If you want to use the default OSX PHP version then you will need to recompile your own versions of PHP with GD. Providing instructions for how to recompile PHP is beyond the scope of our documentation but try an online search.

Installing MAMP

If you have decided to install using MacPorts you can skip this section.

Once you have downloaded and Installed MAMP start the Application and Make sure everything is running by clicking the MAMP icon. Under Preferences -> PHP make sure Version 5 is Selected.

Open up /Applications/MAMP/conf/PHP5/php.ini and make the following configuration changes:

memory_limit = 64M

Once you make that change open the MAMP App Again by clicking on the MAMP Icon and click Stop Servers then Start Servers - this is so our changes to the php.ini take effect.

Installing SilverStripe


Composer (a dependancy manager for PHP) is the prefered way to install SilverStripe and ensure you get the correct set of files for your project.

Composer uses your MAMP PHP executible to run and also requires git (so it can automatically download the required files from GitHub).

Process to install is as follows:

  1. Install git for mac.
  2. Install composer using the instructions at
  3. Run the following command to get a fresh copy of SilverStripe via composer:

    composer create-project silverstripe/installer /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/silverstripe/
  4. You can now use composer to manage future SilverStripe updates and adding modules with a few easy commands.

Package Download

Download the latest SilverStripe installer package. Copy the tar.gz file to the 'Document Root' for MAMP - By Default its /Applications/MAMP/htdocs. Don't know what your Document Root is? Open MAMP Click Preferences -> Apache.

Extract the tar.gz file to a folder, e.g. silverstripe/ (you always move the tar.gz file first and not the other way around as SilverStripe uses a '.htaccess' file which is hidden from OSX so if you move SilverStripe the .htaccess file won't come along.

Run the installation wizard

Once you have a copy of the required code (by either of the above methods), open your web browser and go to http://localhost:8888/silverstripe/. Enter your database details - by default with MAMP its user root and password root and select your account details. Click "Check Details".

Once everything is sorted hit "Install!" and Voila, you have SilverStripe installed